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Cassini Aviation Services: Premium consulting services for the aviation industry.

Based on profound industry knowledge our consultants combine technical and methodical expertise for our customers in the aviation industry.

Our current focus is the incorporation of aviation activities in the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). To integrate the aviation sector into the emission trading scheme by 2012, airlines have to comply with several mandatory regulations until 31st August 2009.

In order to assist airlines to successfully implement these new regulations, Cassini Consulting has developed an ETS-Framework which supports you in all necessary steps to receive authorization for the EU-ETS. Our consultants are highly familiar with all regulations and enable you to act contemporary and effectively on all mandatory requirements.

For detailed information and contacts see service specifications attached:
Emission Trade in the Aviation Sector / Emissionshandel in der Luftfahrt

Aviation companies act in a very dynamic environment. Despite of the current crisis the industry will face an enormous growth within the next decade. During this time both, airlines and airports will have to pass through numerous changes to stay competetive. From the technological progress to new processes and regulations - the changes will have a major impact on the industry.

In these challenging times the aviation experts from Cassini will support you to improve your daily operations as well as your long term strategy. Our aviation consultants have sound knowledge of the relevant processes and systems and demonstrated their competency in many projects for airlines and airports throughout the world. The services of our experts concentrate in the following areas:

  • Management Consulting: Feasibility Studies, Strategy Development
  • IT Consulting: Project-, Requirements-, Test- & Change Management
  • Business Consulting: Process Analysis & Optimization, Benchmarking

In all of the areas we offer special products tailored to our customers in the aviation industry.